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Delivery Driver News

The experts from Rapidgo Driver comb industry news to keep you current on changes that impact your safety and finances. Join the discussions.


Affiliate Services
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Do you have the correct insurance for the service you provide? Is bookkeeping a requirement for you? Find the help you need to grow your delivery driver business.

Government Standards

As the on-demand gig economy expands, regulatory standards for driver and passenger safety will emerge. Watch for industry and state requirements here.

Package Delivery Opportunities

If package delivery interests you, find the leaders here with requirements for applying.

Rideshare Opportunities

If rideshare is a focus for you, check out the expanding opporunities with industry leaders here.


Specialty Delivery Opportunities

Long distance delivery and cross border on-demand gig requirements are unique. Find the right opportunity here.


Driving in the News

Our goal here at Rapidgo is to keep you as a driver up-to-date on all of the latest news and trends from around the industry. We’ve built a Flipboard that will allow you to see everything going on in the industry.

For all the latest news from around the world that impacts delivery drivers at Rapidgo Driver Magazine.

Government Statistics on Delivery Drivers

The government has released some information regarding delivery drivers in the industry. Whether you drive for Uber, Lyft, or UPS, the following statistics probably relate to you.

  • The median pay is about $30,500 a year. That estimates to about $14.66 per hour.
  • It requires a little training to get started.
  • The degree required is a high school diploma.
  •  As of 2019, there are over 1.4 million delivery driver jobs in the United States.

See the Bureau of Labor Statistics Delivery Truck Driver jobs

Rideshare Opportunities

Rideshare programs are quickly becoming a big part of a booming economy. In 2017, it was reported that there are more than 750,000 Uber drivers in the United States. Nowadays, that number is in the millions. Uber isn’t the only option either. Companies such as Lyft and Turo are becoming more popular as well. Below are some applications and statistics to consider for rideshare services. – Rideshare companies are big in foreign countries as well. In 2017, over 614 cities in Australia reported at least one Uber ride. – Uber operates in 83 different countries. – Lyft and Turo are good rideshare service options as well. Lyft is famous for its customer support being much better than the other two. – Turo actually requires no driving, instead you allow your car to be rented out, and you gain the benefits. – All in all, the amount you could make will vary, but it all depends on how much you work.

Application for Uber Driver

Application for Lyft Driver

Application for Turo Rideshare Services

Note: These are just rideshare opportunities. There are also many delivery driving options such as GrubHub, BiteSquad, DoorDash, and UberEats.

Affiliate Services & Products

Whether you need insurance or safety equipment, Rapidgo Driver connects you to trusted suppliers who can help. Here are some products that you might want to consider to make driving easier and more efficient.

Dash Cam

– There are plenty of dangers in delivery driving. One of the biggest ones is a dispute with a customer that goes majorly wrong. An easy way to prove your innocence in the event of an accident or other such incident is to have a functioning dash cam. These are going to cost a bit, but you can find them on Amazon for easy purchase. Check them out right here.

Phone Charger and Mount

– You probably use a charger in your car already, but if you are new to the delivery driver business, a charger and mount are an absolute must. Especially if you are planning on using your phone as a map to navigate. The charger will keep you from running out of battery during your workday, and the mount will keep your phone out of the way so that you can focus on the road. Check them out at Amazon right now! (Charger) (Mount)

Car Adapter

– If you are trying to make delivery driving, or your rideshare service a full-time job, then a car adapter could be quite helpful. The adapter will give you a detailed report of your driving habits and how you can conserve fuel the next week. This report is crucial because as a driver, fuel is a job expense. The less you fill up, the more money in your pocket. These little automated information gadgets can even tell you different things that are going on inside your car! While not as good as an actual mechanic, they can help you be aware of problems before they happen. Check out these adapters here.

Personal Alarm

– If you want your location to be known in case of an emergency, a personal alarm gives you the protection of alarming for help instantly. Faster than locating your phone to dial 911. Check out the possibilities here.

Package Delivery Opportunities

Delivery drivers are the important personal connection for last-mile home delivery. Here are some package and food delivery services currently available. Driving for Amazon, FedEx, and UPS are all great options if you are looking to stay in the driving business and you want to work with packages.

This job has much less person-to-person interaction. If that interests you, it might be a good idea to consider.

Drive for Amazon Flex

Drive for Canpar in Canada or the US – Canpar offers pickup and delivery in Canada with ground, express, select, guaranteed mid-day delivery options, and more. They are committed to providing customers with a great, individualized experience. 20,000 customers enjoy regular pickups from a Canpar employee who is familiar with their business and shipping needs, giving them the confidence they deserve when shipping their products. 

Specialty Delivery Opportunities

Keep up to date on specialty areas for delivery drivers. Researchers say 43% of full-time employees are working an extra job. For millennials, it rises to 48%. Some of the best side hustles are for drivers.

Discover hundreds of side hustles here.

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