Why Rapidgo Driver?

With over 30 years of experience in courier and expedite freight delivery,

the Rapidgo Driver team is your community of experts in delivery

driver mobile apps, driver and customer safety, and online training.

Trust us to keep you profitable.

Mobile Applications

The Family of Rapidgo Driver Applications provide the Independent Business Owner the opportunity to start and administer their own independent delivery business from their mobile phone.


More than just online tips & hacks, we teach driver safety and compliance across multiple delivery industries. Watch Roku training and discussions of current topics & humorous anecdotes only delivery drivers will get. 

Local Driver Roster

Join a national driver roster for delivery drivers who service local businesses and families in their area. Imagine a yellow pages of local, expert delivery drivers. Invite Customers to download your personal app to request your delivery services.

Rapidgo Driver is making the world move more affordably, efficiently, and fairly, by giving independence and security to customers, drivers, and global entrepreneurs.

Our corporate mission is to modify the existing channels in the delivery driver on-demand gig economy, to empower the individual through a national directory, to educate them in business development & safety, and help them advance their financial goals.

National Directory of Delivery Drivers

Welcome to Rapidgo Driver! We are the groundbreaking delivery driver mobile app platform that is making the world move more affordably, efficiently, and fairly, by giving independence and security to customers, drivers, and global entrepreneurs. We’ll be using this Rapidgo Driver international community to provide financial and information resources for delivery drivers. We promote community conversations on relevant topics to delivery drivers on improving earnings & safety. We love hearing what’s important to you. Send by Facebook Messenger. Don’t forget to like or follow us so you can stay informed of delivery driver opportunities, education and safety issues. Thanks for visiting Rapidgo Driver and we hope to support and improve your delivery driver independent business!

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. 

– Albert Einstein

Goal setting is not typically taught in school. Our courses help you define your end game and how to get there.

Ready to reach your goals?

You are the last line of defense in safety. It boils down to you.

– Kina Repp

Occupational safety improves with training and guidelines. Turn mobile learning into safety habits that protect you and those who count on you.

Learn the lastest safety techniques.

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”

– Helen Keller

There are two ways of getting experience, from your mistakes or from the mistakes of others. A roster community of professional delivery drivers can reduce your education costs.

Increase your chances for success and income.

What can we do to help you?



As the founder of Rapidgo Driver, I can tell you I wish, when I started out, I had someone provide me a mobile app that administers my business, collects the money, puts it in the bank, exports data to accounting software, and helps me keep all the earnings and tips. The only focus left now for the independent business owner is to provide impeccable service and schedule their driving time.

My twenty-plus years started with me taking customer calls on a headset while loading parcels & paint, and mailing invoices when I could get to it. I started with a minivan and scaled to a hotshot pickup with a flatbed trailer, logging over a million miles of driving. My experience, coupled with directing hundreds of other delivery drivers has made the Rapidgo Driver Gateway for drivers, by drivers. Welcome to safety, security & freedom.

Our Commitment to You

For every goal and dream there is a struggle that requires effort up front. Decades of learning the hard way has prepared our team to teach you time saving shortcuts, safety techniques, and expose unnecessary financial pitfalls for you to greatly increase your level of success in less time.

Along with a dedicated team we promise to deliver to you the best online delivery driver apps with added features. In addition, we promise to provide excellent training in every aspect of safety, goal achievement, and roster development, and to provide you the best experience in delivery driver support and education. 

Our Financial Support to Veterans and Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc – Non-Profit

As a Veteran, commitment to helping Veterans in any way possible is long standing. Rapidgo Driver supports Cystic Fibrosis hospice assistance with $10 from each Professional subscription. 

The Rapidgo Driver Team

James Frank
Emily Holzer
Social Media Developer
Will Middleton
Website Developer
Kayla Romeiser
Content Developer
Andrew Rysta
Marketing Developer
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James Frank - Founder

When I began searching for additional businesses that were known to make money with little investment, delivering goods was not near the top of my list. In response to a recommendation I began to research and launch a business of expedite industrial delivery. Through trial and many errors and asking lots of questions, I added delivering goods successfully across North America to my business expertise. Before long I needed help and recruited a team of independent drivers, working cooperatively as an alliance. The values of our community focusing on safety, reducing costs and improving earnings became a benefit. That was decades ago. Today, I monitor deliveries across thousands of miles through technological advancements and help drivers arrive home safely.

Over the years potential drivers have repeatedly asked my advice on the basics of becoming a delivery driver. Many have been helped. My goal now is to improve the lives of drivers nationally through a training and resource center dedicated exclusively to raising driver safety standards, service and earnings.  

My years of business development, including extensive expedite delivery service, give me hands-on knowledge and incredible tips that can save valuable time and loss of money from a beginner’s learning curve.

My purpose for Rapidgo Driver is to educate those seriously interested in part or full-time service making deliveries. Students completing the basic course join a community of pre-qualified, like-minded service professionals recognized for quality service within the on-demand economy. Additionally, group members may benefit from lower rates on insurance, rental costs, device leases, and many programs pertinent to delivery drivers.

As with other companies I have founded, Rapidgo Driver is being developed by a team of skilled developers using cutting edge tools to make your educational experience both impactful and memorable.

Emily Holzer - Social Media Developer

I’m a professional SEO content writer with experience optimizing websites and writing blog posts. I also have a master’s degree in English.

Will Middleton - Web Developer

I am a developer who works primarily with WordPress and sites dedicated to online education.

The Road Not Taken: After learning about leveraged income when reading MJ DeMarco’s book The Millionaire Fastlane and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad while in middle school, Will decided to follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps of his mother and grandfather and develop expertise by learning from industry experts and mentors in his homeschooling path.

Fun Facts: Will earned his first-degree Black Belt in Karate at age 9. He became a County Ambassador in 4-H at age 13. And Eagle Scout at age 14.

Kayla Romeiser - Content Developer

Kayla Romeiser is a freelance writer with two years of newspaper and online writing experience. Kayla wants to use her writing to inform others about a variety of delivery driving topics.

Andrew Rysta - Marketing Developer

Andrew Rysta is a freelancer from Charleston, SC who loves any and all types of writing. He specializes in SEO and blog creation and works with Social Media as well. He is currently growing his writing business and looks to become a full-time writing professional in the future.

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