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Uber vs. Lyft Drivers: Who Makes More in 2020?

The taxi services in many big cities are dying or completely dead. Meanwhile, rideshares like Uber and Lyft have begun to take over the industry. Riders love to be able to pull up an app and call a ride, rather than having to try and “flag down” a taxi.

Others have realized the opportunity to make a bit of money in the industry. More and more people are driving for Uber and Lyft to make extra income, or as a main source of revenue.

Throughout the growing shift, two main rideshare platforms have emerged, specifically Uber and Lyft. Uber which is probably the most popular in the public eye, has around 4 million drivers. While their biggest competitor Lyft, reports around 2 million drivers. This has raised quite the argument. Uber vs. Lyft for drivers is a debate that we are ready to have, are you ready? This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the topic!

Uber Vs. Lyft for Drivers

While the final conclusion might be different for riders, we want to figure out which company is better for rideshare drivers trying to make a full-time income through the platform. Here are the three basic topics that we want to talk about in this article.

  1. Profits (How much do you make)
  2. Expenses (How much money does each platform take/what are rates and cuts like)
  3. Screenings and Safety (Is one safer to drive for, is it harder to become a qualified Uber or Lyft driver)

These points should cover the bare minimum of the Uber and Lyft debate.

Let’s dive right into the first point that you have all been waiting to hear about. Profits: Does Uber or Lyft pay me more?

Profits for Uber and Lyft Drivers

The stats on profits might actually surprise you. Just recently, a qualified research group called Certify did a study on both Uber and Lyft drivers and found that Lyft drivers actually make around 2$ more than Uber drivers do.

Lyft drivers pull in around 17.50 an hour according this study done by Certify.

Now you might be wondering, “What if I keep both apps open and work for both at the same time?” That is a great strategy that is employed by many different rideshare drivers. Just be sure to not double book yourself! But if you only want to drive for one company, based solely on profits, Lyft might be the best option. You do need to consider your area as well. Low volume locations will not produce the same kind of results as some more popular areas will.

Expenses for Uber and Lyft

Car maintenance and gas money expenses have to be factored into your earnings. It is extremely valuable if you work in an area with a high demand for Uber/Lyft while having low gas prices. High demand areas such as Los Angeles and New York will have lots of offers but also cost a fortune in gas money.

The companies both take around the same amount from each seperate ride, but the Lyft drivers make more because Lyft drivers receive more tips in general. There was a time when Uber said not to tip it’s drivers because the tip was included in the ride. This has since been removed, but many riders still just assume not to tip your Uber. Because of this thinking, Lyft drivers earn a considerable amount more in tips.

Screenings and Safety

It is easier to go through the signup process for Lyft rather than Uber, and Lyft only requires you to have a 2002 model car, while Uber requires at least a 2004 model. Lyft allows for easier cash out as well.

Now you might be wondering which is safer to drive for? That is a great question.

One good thing about both Uber and Lyft is the transaction system. If there were cash transactions, both would be in a bit of danger to consistent robbings and other such problems. You will need to worry about accidents as both a Lyft and Uber driver because you are frequently driving on busy roads. However, following our safe driving tips at Rapidgo can help you avoid any such driving problems!

There aren’t really any specific stats that point out one rideshare company as safer than the other option. However, if one does move towards cash transactions then look out! That will unpack a load of possible dangers with people trying to steal the cash you’ve earned!


Thanks for reading all about the Uber vs. Lyft debate! We recommend that you drive for both apps, but if you are in a densely populated area with high demand, pick Lyft. You will be able to make more, and also experience the kindness and care that comes from the Lyft support staff. We hope this article helped you answer your questions about Uber and Lyft.

For our full guide on driving for Uber or Lyft, check out this article here. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think we should write about next.

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