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Non-Medical Emergency Transportation – Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers Jan 3

Non-Medical Emergency Transportation (NWMT) continues to expand for rideshare drivers. Medicare and Medicaid patients need timely and safe transportation. Veyo is one company to follow along with Uber Health. Watch for more Rapidgo Driver posts on this hot topic.

Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers.

Amazon Delivers

Amazon is now delivering over half of their own products. The metrics show Amazon delivers more than 90% of its packages on time, on par with UPS and FedEx. , says Sriram Sridhar, whose monitors delivery companies

Uber Driver Insurance Provider Changes

The landscape for rideshare insurance is rapidly changing. Some insurance companies that historically favored Uber rideshare, have now turned their back, pointing to volatility in the industry as well as high costs, making them vulnerable to losses. Liberty Mutual was not high on my list of rideshare favorable companies when writing the upcoming cornerstone blog Delivery Driver Uber Guide to Money in 2020. As a testament to the changes, Liberty is now extending its offerings to rideshare drivers in seven states and Puerto Rico.

Points of Interest – Delivery Drivers Around the World

Do you ever wonder how rideshare works in other countries? How about, when you get to Katmandu, how will you get around? If travel is your hot button for earning extra money, consider supporting other rideshare drivers in your travels.

Rideshare In-Car Sales Add Up

Anytime you have a passenger, you have an opportunity to upsell. That means if you have an item they desire, there is profit to you for the convenience. Having snacks available makes it convenient. Whether you create your own selection or team up with a supplier, Any additional income for the same passenger is worth the effort. If you are driving in Atlanta, learn the best times and spots to increase in-car sales. Remember to include beverages for Non-Medical Emergency Transportation passengers.

Here’s hoping you find these starter topics valuable and worth your time. Each week we keep our finger on the pulse of what impacts delivery drivers and keep you alert to the latest tips to increase earnings. Please give us a like on FB and follow on IG & Twitter. Your comments matter. Let us know what interests you.

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