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FedEx Alert to Scam 5-Weekly Outtakes Jan 24

FedEx Alert to Scam

A FedEx Alert to Scam – 5-Weekly Outtakes Jan 24 reminds drivers to stay alert to scams. This very real looking email from FedEx informs you that a parcel arriving needs your approval. It looks official; however, it leads down a rabbit hole that ends with a monthly charge to your credit card which you agreed to along the way.

Best Non-Hybrid Cars 2019-2020

Non-hybrid cars are still used by most rideshare, Uber or Lyft drivers. Car & Driver looks at the current models with the best fuel efficiency. Find the best rideshare overall vehicle HERE

Uber News

Uber, and UberEATS, are evolving along with the entire gig economy. The first item this week includes the ability for California Uber drivers to compete for rides by indicating in the app the fare they will charge. Passengers may then select the rate they want. Last week we tagged Uber allowing California drivers to develop their own exclusive clientele. Both changes add strength to their case for drivers being independent contractors and Uber being the technology conduit.

The second item regards Uber stock. While some stakeholders have relinquished their stock holdings, Uber CEO and other investors see positive at the end of the tunnel. The sale of UberEATS in India upholds the Uber mandate to exit a market where they cannot be in first or second place. Holding onto 9.9% of the Zomato sale for a referral in their app meets their criteria for growth where it makes economic sense.

Food Delivery Door Dash Struggles & Drivers Pay

Pizza delivery alone has never been the best use of delivery driver time. As Door Dash evolves the last-mile process of food delivery, the drivers are pressured for time and profits. Rapidgo Driver encourages all delivery drivers to expand their service to multiple delivery options for income increase and stability.

Delivery Drivers See Snow Removal App Expanding Services 

The start of any business is to find a need and find a means to service it. Anyone who lives where snow removal is a necessary task can relate to being able to simply click for help. For those healthy enough to see snow removal as a replacement for the gym, it is a profitable method to earn extra income, especially when the road conditions slow the typical delivery process.

Delivery Driver Unsung Heroes

This week Rapidgo Driver shouts out TaDa recognition to the unsung heroes, volunteer drivers. If you volunteer your time to drive someone to an appointment critical to their health, our respect goes out to you. Today’s Heartfelt Thanks TaDa Mugs are being sent to the volunteer drivers at the Davies Project of Lansing, Michigan.

Celebrating achievement with boisterous exclamation of TaDa from the Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc.
Heartfelt Thank You TaDa Mugs

Do you know other delivery driver volunteers who deserve a heartfelt thanks? Let us know in a message on FB Rapidgodrivers or email us at

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