Uber driver- woman driving car. Here is how a woman earns a 5 star uber rating.

How to Earn a 5-Star Driver Rating

5-star driver ratings in delivery jobs can help keep you in business. The star rating method is used to hold drivers accountable for their work. In theory, these systems reward good driving practices and reprimand poor driving practices. However, these can also be troublesome, because what is considered “good” and “bad” driving is largely subjective, which can leave your driving record up to the whims of your passengers or customers. So what does it take to earn and maintain a 5-star driver rating? 

Rideshare Driver | Uber and Lyft Driver Ratings

For rideshare drivers on platforms like Uber and Lyft, 5-star driving methods involve direct human interaction. The first step in earning a great rating is to maintain industry best practices. It is important that you drive safely and speak respectfully to your passengers. You might ask them about the music, temperature, and other adjustable vehicle settings. You might also consider making chargers, mints, or extras available in your vehicle to let your passengers know that you care about their comfort. In addition to a high rating, these extra perks might encourage passengers or customers to leave a generous tip. 

Food Delivery Driver Ratings

Some delivery driving applications, like UberEATS, also have a star rating system. Earning a 5-star on these programs often include delivering food on time, finding the right location, and courteously letting your customers know when you arrive. 

If you prefer to opt-out of the star system altogether, consider joining a platform with a different rating system. Postmates, for example, has a thumbs up/down rating system for drivers. They suggest that this system “helps you avoid being held responsible for circumstances outside of your control (for instance, if an item was prepared incorrectly).” If you find yourself powerless against unfair ratings, changing to a platform that accommodates your preferences can help you alleviate any stress that may accompany these star ratings. 

What Happens If I get a Bad Driver Rating?

A poor driving rating is not great, but if you have enough history on the platform it should not have a tremendous effect on your overall driving score. While it may feel unfair and frustrating if a passenger rates you poorly, there is often very little that you can do about a negative customer rating. However, there is plenty to learn from each unique driving interaction you may encounter:

  • If you get a poor rating, try not to stress! First, consider what made the consumer give you a bad rating. Is there anything you could have done to improve the situation? Learning from these experiences and preventing them in the future is the best way to handle a poor rating. This will help you inform and enhance your methods to stay ahead in the future.
  • Next, check your specific platform rules and requirements to see if there is anything you can do about the poor rating or review. 
  • If not, see if there is anything you can do to offset the review, such as complete a few more rides and ask your customers to leave a rating. Five new good reviews can flush out the one poor review. 
  • Finally, if you find that the platform is not meeting your needs and preferences, check alternative options available in your area. Starting a new driving gig with a fresh start and a platform geared towards your preferences has the potential to change your delivery driving experience for the better. 

Taking calculated action with a clear head can help you manage situations involving poor driver ratings. If you allow yourself to feel angry and resentful for the rest of the day, this will only lead to more poor driver ratings as customers pick up on your negative feelings. It is best to take the high road and remember that you have the power to move past these situations. 

Getting Ahead in the Driving Industry

A 5-star rating can lead to job stability and extra cash in the driving world. By doing your best and putting your customers and your business first, it should be easy to get and stay 5-star approved. If you want to stay in the know and lean industry best driving and safety practices, join the Rapidgo Driving community. You can take driving courses that will get you prequalified for the delivery driving jobs you want, and learn the methods that will help you get those 5-stars. Review our course selection to learn more today!

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