Coronavirus Impacts Delivery Drivers

Coronavirus impacts delivery drivers across passenger pickups, pantry food delivery, parcel delivery, and personal pickups. How do drivers respond? Are you changing your lifestyle? Are you changing your gig workstyle? Comment on FB & Twitter.

Grocery Home Delivery Doubles

The online grocery market is expected to double in the next three years from $30 to $60 billion. The key is the scale. It takes more deliveries to cover the costs, which takes more delivery drivers. Which app is your favorite grocery delivery service? Learn more ways to earn as a delivery driver HERE.

Grubhub Adds Monthly Fee

Grubhub launches a monthly fee for unlimited home food delivery. The loyalty factor is expected to entice more kitchens to join with exclusivity.

Hello App! No Answer!

EU gig watchers point out the difficulty in arguing with a platform app for rideshare or food delivery. The app provides the rate of earnings. As gig workers are tapped for minimum wage and benefits, a common voice begins to get greater attention. Do you think rideshare drivers and food delivery drivers have the right to withhold service in mass?

Amazon Cuts 3200 Driver Jobs

Growing pains for Amazon translate into parcel delivery drivers losing their jobs. When the company Amazon hires and trains, fails the metrics Amazon requires to remain a Delivery Service Partner (DSP), both the company and its employees face bankruptcy. The company under contract to Amazon may be replaced with little notice and no recourse. Drivers for the company lose their income with no recourse.

Coronavirus impacts on delivery drivers and other tips to help you earn more @rapidgodriver.com Resources

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