Delivery driving strategies worked out on paper.

Delivery Driving Strategies: Tips to Make More

Anyone can join the delivery driver workforce, but not everyone knows the most efficient way to earn money as a delivery driver. Being an efficient driver requires more than just you and your car. It requires a little strategy. You want to get the best routes for the most pay.
Delivery driving strategies aren’t too hard to come up with, but we did it for you! Here are some delivery driving strategies to consider.

Clientele Strategy

As an independent delivery driver, you’re able to pick and choose your own delivery routes. The more expensive the restaurant, the more you’ll make per delivery, and the more likely you are to get better tips. Also, take note of which restaurants are slow to fill orders and avoid taking those orders. The time you waste waiting for an order, the more time you could have been making other deliveries. Apps like DoorDash and Instacart give earnings estimates as you’re planning your route. If possible, you’ll want to say no to lower-paying jobs. However, if your area isn’t busy, take what orders you can.

Time Strategy

Daily peak times for delivery drivers are around 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. For some companies, like Postmates, weekends have the highest demand.
As the numbers show, the best time to deliver food is when restaurants are open. If you prefer to drive late at night, delivery driving might not be for you since most restaurants close around 10 or 11 p.m. Early morning breakfast hours aren’t popular delivery times either.

Surge Pricing Strategy

Surge pricing occurs when there are more delivery drivers needed than available. Most companies pay surge pricing of some sort.
For instance, Uber Eats has its own version of this: “boost.” During a boost, drivers’ earnings are multiplied buy numbers like 1.5x or 2x. Boosts aren’t predictable, but they most often occur on the weekends or during inclement weather. Sometimes, boosts happen during big TV events as well.
You’ll want to figure out the busy times in your city. A good way to do that is to keep a log of when you’re busiest. Also just keep an eye on your app, you never know when the bulk of your city might get hungry or need groceries.

Promotions and Other Delivery Driving Strategies

Companies like DoorDash give many opportunities for promotions. DoorDash offers a driver referral bonus. You can get this bonus by referring a new driver or by being referred as a new driver. The bonus earnings vary depending on your city, but the bonus usually ranges around $300.
The bonus only takes effect when the new driver completes 50 deliveries within the first 30 days as a driver. So, keep referring more drivers and both of you can earn some more pocket money.

Summing it Up: Be Decisive

With a little strategizing, delivery driving can be very profitable to you. Pick the route that’s best for you and get delivering! Don’t forget about those bonuses either. To earn even more money, use multiple delivery apps at a time. If one app isn’t busy, another one might be.

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