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Is Delivery Driving Vital to a Four-Income Household?

The question, is delivery driving vital to the four-income household, reflects the number of jobs necessary to keep a household afloat in today’s environment.

In 1975, three-quarters of US households had one breadwinner. By the turn of the century, seventy-five percent of households required two breadwinners. Was it because “she” wanted to work? More than likely it was because it took two incomes to survive.

A recent survey by suggests 1 in 3 side hustle incomes are necessary just to stay afloat. In other words, a full-time job does not provide a survivable income for even one person.

With the new crowdsourcing gig economy expanding, both household adults can now expand their incomes by filling in more of every twenty-four hours with delivering people, parcels, pantries, or pickups.

 The cost of entry is low, however, as with most endeavors, those who complete their mission of earning more than they spend have learned how to survive the game and prosper.

Some enjoy meeting and talking to new people and prosper in the ridesharing gig economy. Others prefer delivering food and groceries to the panty. Still, others feel reward when the parcel they deliver earns a smile. Picking up dry cleaning, pets, and pharmaceuticals attracts others.

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