Driving in the rain is dangerous, but here are some rain driving tips.

Driving in the Rain: 4 Tips for Rideshare Drivers

Driving in the rain is dangerous for people everywhere. If you drive for Uber, Lyft, or a food delivery service you know that driving doesn’t stop just because of the weather. If your driving job is your source of income, you need to get out on the roads. You don’t have time to sit at home idly while you could be making money. From a business perspective, some drivers will stay home, which gives you the upper hand. Helping you make more money is what we’re here for, and this post should do just that.

That being said, driving in the rain is still dangerous. So we compiled a list of a few ways you can stay safe.

Take Your Time in Poor Conditions

You need to be driving defensively, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by taking your time. Flying around the roads as an Uber or Lyft driver shouldn’t be a part of your daily work anyways. But we recommend taking a few miles off of your top speed as you are navigating through adverse weather.

Just slow down. Take a breath, and focus on the road. If you wreck your car you will completely lose your source of income and job entirely. So be smart, and just slow down. This is probably the best tip we can give you.

Have the Right Equipment for Rain Driving

Driving without your windshield wipers at 100% is extremely dangerous. You won’t be able to see, and driving in the rain will become almost impossible. Make sure your headlights and backlights are fully functional. Not being able to see the road is extremely dangerous as well.

Performing regular checks of your breaks, lights, and wipers will adequately prepare you for driving in bad weather. If any of these pieces of equipment are broken you should prioritize getting them fixed right away.

Eliminate Distractions While Driving

Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents in today’s world. Whether it be checking your phone, talking to a passenger, or just adjusting the air conditioning, driving distracted is extremely dangerous. The danger compounds when you factor in the poor weather. The weather will cut your reaction time in half, which could cause major problems if you need to stop quickly.

Focus on the road the whole time. If a passenger begins chatting with you, it might be helpful to just let them know you are focused. You want to be polite while doing this, but it can be a life-saver to allow you to focus.

Some Driving FAQ’s

Should I use cruise control in the rain?

We would recommend turning cruise control off because it will inhibit your ability to stop quickly.

What if I pull over and a passenger is in the car?

If the rain or sleet is coming down too hard, we would recommend pulling over. It’s better to be safe than get in an accident.

Which lane should I drive in?

The best lane to ride in during heavy rain is the middle. The two outside lanes will develop puddles overtime. These should be avoided at all costs.

At Rapidgo, we have all sorts of driving tips and tricks for you to check out. Please consider taking a look at some of our other articles that will help you make even more. Thanks for reading! Leave us a comment below, and tell us any ideas and tips for driving in the rain that we missed!

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