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Driver Coronavirus Protocol

Driver Coronavirus Protocol protects delivery drivers. Un-handled is now the norm for home delivery. Delivery drivers are hesitant to be greeted by anyone. Homeowners are hesitant to have their delivery touched by human hands. The coronavirus has altered our perceptions and protocols for home delivery and the people who make the delivery. Several food-delivery services have provided notice of their protocols HERE.

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Here is your weekly dose of Outtakes, a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers. This post offers insights for staying safe in the time of the coronavirus and looks ahead to future trends.

With the global pandemic come opportunities. Listen and read the blog Delivery Driver Crisis Management on what drivers need to do in the forthcoming dynamic economic recovery.

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Jobs with High Coronavirus Exposure

Frontline workers during a pandemic are paid below the average across all jobs, yet they face the highest risk of being infected AND infecting others. Delivery drivers earn some of the lowest incomes. Many have good experiences and drive for multiple food delivery apps to make the living they need.

Instacart Hiring 300,000

The surge in pantry delivery to homes for food and groceries is stressing Instacart for pickers and drivers. They are ramping up to fill 300,000 positions across the US and Canada.

Non-medical Appointment App for Drivers Expanding

Non-medical passenger service is expanding beyond the nonprofit sector. Veyo has areas in California and Connecticut looking for drivers.

Delivery Companies Offer Free Prescription Delivery

The resilience and grit of owners of delivery services show the benefits of helping out in their community. Delivery drivers are frontline workers. Seniors are grateful to receive their prescriptions at no charge.

In addition to Driver Coronavirus Protocol, find more on Uber driver options HERE.

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