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Uber Driver Safety: How to Stay Safe as an Uber Driver

The anecdotal rhetoric surrounding driving services like Uber and Lyft have recently raised safety concerns for both passengers and drivers. While there are plenty of resources and information available to help keep passengers safe, there has been less talk about the safety of the drivers on these platforms. Rapidgo Driver is here with some information on staying safe as an Uber, Lyft, or another rideshare driver. 

Take Advantage of Uber’s Safety Features

Ridesharing platforms are continuously developing new features to benefit their passengers. Some of these safety measures and protections are extended to the driver of the vehicle. Depending on your preferred driving application, you can easily explore the measures they have in place for your protection. Uber, specifically, offers the following safety features for their drivers:

  • Two-way reviews: Rather than just reviews for their drivers, Uber lets drivers leave reviews for passengers. The platform logs and keeps track of poor passenger reviews to remove unsafe or problematic riders from the system. 
  • Emergency assistance button: The in-app emergency assistance button calls for help and notifies you of your location so that you can inform the emergency assistance specialist. The application will also log your trip to ensure proper documentation in the case of an issue. 
  • Incident response and support: Uber offers 24/7 support and response, so if you are in an accident or experience an issue, the experts at Uber are on standby and ready to help. 
  • Follow My Ride: This is a feature aimed more at Uber passengers, but it is also available to drivers to take advantage of. Follow My Ride lets you share your route and progress with friends and family, letting them know when you arrive safely. They can keep an eye on whether you go off your intended route or might be showing signs of danger. 
  • GPS tracking: The Uber app uses GPS tracking to maintain a start-to-finish record of every trip you complete. This is a helpful resource to reference if something goes awry while you are en route. 

No matter which rideshare platform you use, it is important that you keep an eye on contract and safety updates to see how the system keeps you protected. This also helps you remain aware of where you may be left vulnerable. Thankfully, there are other modes of protection available to help you stay safe as an Uber driver. 

Make your Rideshare Passengers Feel Safe

With the rising pressure regarding safety in ridesharing networks, the tension can be high when either party feels unsafe. Make sure your passengers know that you are one of the trusted drivers who pose no threat to their safety. Respect their boundaries, and be sure not to say or do anything that may make your passengers feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If you are prequalified in safety or have completed any driving safety courses, you might consider adding these credentials to your profile to create an added layer of trust and protection. 

Remember to Put Your Safety First

It is important to put your safety first in any job you may sign up for. If you are apprehensive driving in unfamiliar areas or at certain times of the day, tailor your availability to accommodate your safety needs. This will provide you the safety you are seeking and the peace of mind that allows you to fearlessly continue your driving job. 

Our Uber Driver Safety Course

By signing up for a delivery driver safety course, you can comprehensively learn, consider, and implement the industry best practices regarding safety measures. We recommend the Rapidgo Driver Safe Travel 101 course, which touches on personal safety, compliance, vehicle safety, safe material handling, and so much more. Learn more here about our Safe Travel 101 course to get started today. 

Join Driving the Network | Stay Aware

Staying connected and aware as a delivery driver of any concentration can help you follow industry best practices and make you the five-star, high-income, in-demand driver you are meant to become. Rapidgo Driver is the growing community of drivers who share their stories, tips, and support. This can include early insight into the latest trends of driving scares and scandals or simply provides tips on how to manage uncertain or unsafe situations. By remaining connected and aware, you can help protect your safety, future, and job as an Uber or Lyft driver. 

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