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Our resources are built to help you get up and off the ground working as a delivery driver quickly. We are building a community of safety-first prequalified delivery drivers and supporting their goals nationwide. How much do you know about delivery driving? Take our free quiz to see which areas of insight you might be missing.

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Our free quiz is designed to help you discover which areas of the delivery driving industry you may be interested in. How much do you know about delivery driving?


Starting with Safe Travel 101, Rapidgo Driver is here to help you live up to industry best standards and stay safe while on the go. Get prequalified today with our courses!


Rapidgo Driver is here with insight and information about the delivery driving industry. Check out our collection of blogs to help you get started in the delivery driver field!

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4 Keys to Success as a Delivery Driver & Free Self-Assessment

Is the freedom to be outdoors, schedule your time, and control your income important to you? A delivery driver’s life and job opportunities might be what you’re looking for! Learn and earn now.


Safe Travel 101

Safe Travel 101 gives you insight into all matters related to safety, equipment, community, and profits  in the delivery driver field. This includes personal safety, material handling, compliance, vehicle safety, vehicle maintenance and so much more!  Get stated with fun learning and review often.

$89.00 USD

Start Your Own Delivery Driver Business

Questions are the answers. Do you have questions about owning your own delivery driver business or the kinds of support you will need to succeed? We have the experts to help.

Brian Tracy of Brian Tracy International
“I cannot tell you how happy I was about our meeting and video shooting yesterday. You are an extremely well informed and thoughtful man. It is obvious that you have invested an enormous amount of your life “getting understanding.”

– Brian Tracy

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