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Clean Your Phone – 5 Outtakes

Clean Your Phone – 5 Outtakes looks at how food delivery drivers are required to hand their cell over for a customer to accept delivery. Expedite drivers offer their phones to show bill of lading and shipping numbers to cargo controllers. Drivers touch packages and then their cells.

Once drivers wash their hands and pick up a contaminated cell phone, the protection is lost. Here are the quick dos and don’ts. Don’t spray, wipe with a moist alcohol cloth. Add alcohol to baby wipes to have cleaner and antiseptic in one wipe.

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Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention ending this week, Mar 13, that impact delivery drivers.

No Sick Leave for Delivery Drivers

Consider the time and money spent by delivery drivers sanitizing their vehicles and phones repeatedly throughout the day. That is in addition to the added personal hygiene. Sick leave for all small business owners is a nonexistent luxury.

The payroll tax cuts and sick leave policies being discussed by the Trump administration would not apply to gig workers, because they are not considered employees of companies like Uber and Lyft. If they don’t drive or deliver food, they don’t get paid.

Waymo Keeps Drivers on the Road

Safety drivers for 600 Waymo self-driving rideshare vehicles in Arizona are voicing their concern for being exposed to the coronavirus from passengers. The company providing drivers, Transdev, and Waymo have conflicting policies for drivers. Waymo encouraging staff to work remotely, yet requires third-party drivers to face exposure.

Delivery Driver First Responders

Delivery drivers are permeating neighborhoods with food and needed supplies during the coronavirus pandemic. They can be the eyes and ears to help protect the general population. They may be the first responders to alert authorities of medical needs.

Delivery drivers typically do not have adequate health insurance and cannot take time off from being self-employed. They are the front-line, like healthcare workers, attempting to protect themselves while serving those needing their services. Following 9/11, a $6bln fund was created to aid the front-line responders. Is this something to consider for the rideshare driver, food and parcel delivery drivers? Message on Twitter with #5outtakes what your thoughts are.

Amazon Delivery Service Partner Awards

With all the Amazon culling of the Delivery Service Partner (DSP) companies and drivers, it is nice to see a positive story. The Amazon model continues to evolve. It appears Amazon is reducing the size of the DSP companies that isolate them from employee liabilities as they struggle to convince government and labor that Flex drivers are independent contractors.

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