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Impacts on Delivery Drivers

The impacts on Delivery Drivers by the California (AB5) Law grab attention in this week’s 5 Outtakes Jan 24. The opposing sides of the recently enacted California app-based rideshare law are having significant impacts on delivery drivers. Both sides can agree on one aspect; maintaining the flexibility of the independent contractor to choose where, when, how often, and for how long they want to work. On the one side, the driver wants protections for a minimum income, benefit guarantees, and insurance coverage. On the other side, the app technology companies, Uber, Lyft, and Postmates that are fighting the enactment vehemently argue they are merely the conduit for the transfer of information between passenger and driver.

The impact of the intervention in the rideshare gig economy has already seen a spillover into other side-hustle jobs. Freelance writers who provide repetitive copy creations may now come under an employee umbrella of protections at the cost of loss of independence. 

What motivates you the most about being an independent contractor? The flexibility of Time, Leave a comment 1 – Flexibility of Fees, comment 2

Where is the Vision for Uber and Rideshare that greatly impacts delivery drivers?

As with most endeavors, follow the money. The future being defined is self-driving vehicles replacing the need to own a car. The market is estimated in the trillions of dollars.  Uber’s Advanced Technology Group (ATG) has a goal to provide a ride for less than the basic UberX ride today. The reason being that the driver represents over 80% of the rider’s cost. Although it will take time to develop, rideshare drivers need to be looking at other industries for expansion.

Delivery Driver Job Incomes

Delivery driver jobs come in all sizes. Some require more skill and education than others. Some require more patience. The incomes range from $28K driving with Uber to $80K driving a tanker. If you go for a drive to clear your head, you may enjoy delivery driving and want to expand your income possibilities. Join the Rapidgo Driver Community and stay informed of the best choices

Food Delivery Drivers Lose Money

Food delivery apps Grubhub and Postmates expand their appeal by including menu options from restaurants that have not agreed to be represented and in fact, don’t have take-out service. What this means for the unsuspecting delivery driver is being sent for a pickup that does not exist. Social media posts lament drivers being told that the app they drive for is put in the last place for preparation. The customer is being punished as well as the driver.

Food Delivery Leaders Expand

As the number of restaurants making the economic sense to pass off food delivery to third party app platforms, drivers earn various amounts per mile depending on their location.

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