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Uber Drivers are Victims too – Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers – Dec 20

Hi All! Uber drivers are victims too and other topics that got my attention this week. Here are my current outtakes on what impacts delivery drivers.

Uber Drivers are Victims too

Uber drivers are victims too. What they face are highlighted in this recent report. It should remind us all that delivery drivers from Uber to Amazon, to UPS, to Pizza drivers are exposed daily to hazards in addition to traffic dangers. Do you feel rideshare app platforms are safe for drivers? Where can things improve? Leave a comment. 

Keeping Your Cool

With the upcoming holidays come short tempers and lots more traffic distractions. The things that help earnings in rideshare, Surge Pricing for higher traffic times and areas are also sources of driving tension.

Ignore the driver next to you ordering online while behind the wheel. Ignore the parcel drivers desperately trying to rid their vans of 300 plus packages a shift.  Keep your sanity and arrive home safe. Take time for mindful moments for yourself. How do you take a break during busy driving times?

Amazon now delivering over half their own parcels

Parcels have been delivered historically by USPS, UPS, and FedEx as the major carriers. Amazon is quickly surpassing all of them as they are now delivering over half their own parcels.

Uber new Terms & Conditions

Uber’s new Terms & Conditions may impact drivers unexpectedly. Since Thanksgiving, the new terms and conditions document requires accepting the agreement to access the app for drivers. A key inclusion in the 27-page document is the acceptance of arbitration for grievances. To opt-out, drivers need to send an email within 30 days requesting exclusion from that clause. Have you done this? What was your experience?

Delivery driver startup – Happy Nest

Pick Up & Delivery from homes and offices expands as speed and convenience continue to be in demand. Startups are touching services such as laundry pick-up and delivery. As more services expand more drivers will be needed. Get more delivery strategies here. Is laundry delivery of interest to you? What advantages do you see? Leave a comment.

Here’s hoping you find these Weekly Outtakes topics valuable and worth your time. Each week we keep our finger on the pulse of what impacts delivery drivers and keep you alert to the latest tips to increase earnings. Please give us a like on FB and follow on IG & Twitter.

We’re looking to test out useful resources that impact delivery drivers. Can you send me some feedback about what you think about this email or suggest topics of interest to you? Thanks!

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