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Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers – Dec 6

Hi All!

Here is your Weekly Outtakes, a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers.

Electric Bikes

© Amazon, via New York City Department of Transportation
A cargo bike in Washington Square Park in Manhattan. City officials are seeking ways to address the proliferation of delivery vehicles.

ICYMI – To combat traffic gridlock in urban density, electric bicycles are helping parcel delivery drivers reach the customer faster. Expect this trend to expand.

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Gifts for Delivery Drivers – Handwarmers

The current winter blitz of cold weather reminds drivers to put on gloves to help passengers load parcels and luggage and have hand warmers to offer riders. Service gets rewarded with tips.

Fuel Cards

It’s not how much you make. It’s how much you keep that counts. Fuel is the greatest cost for rideshare and all delivery driver gigs. Getting started with the right card may lower your costs and pay back in multiple manners. Travel Rewards and Cash Back cards have benefits and can reduce fuel costs at the pump. The market for fuel cards for delivery drivers is evolving. Watch for regular updates on this and other savings tips from Rapidgo Driver.

Canadian Expansion

While some delivery companies are withdrawing from expansion, rideshare is opening new markets. Vancouver, British Columbia will be allowing rideshare in the next few weeks. Some nineteen platform apps are being advanced for the opening market. Share this with your Canadian friends.


Your insurance costs are in the top three costs of rideshare, food delivery, and parcel delivery expenses. This is one area not to ignore at your own peril. State to State differences exists on whether food delivery and ride-share vehicles are required to have additional commercial coverage while driving as a side hustle. Before earning cash driving, confirm with your insurance company in advance, and check back annually to confirm you have coverage. Failure to advise your insurance company can have enormous costs.

Here’s hoping you find these starter topics valuable and worth your time. Each week we keep our finger on the pulse of what impacts delivery drivers and keep you alert to the latest tips to increase earnings. Please give us a like on FB and follow on IG & Twitter.

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