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Top 2020 Food Delivery Apps

Top 2020 Food Delivery Apps takes a current look at the platform-companies vying for the favor of delivery drivers. As a result of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, un-handled last-mile delivery is being forced to adjust rapidly.

Most home delivery apps are promoting COVID-19 protocol to advise customers and offer peace-of-mind to seniors. It appears the day of meeting your delivery driver with a handshake and tip exchange for a boxed pizza are only memories.

The advent of stay-at-home orders has caused a historically unseen decline in the number of rideshare and public transportation passengers. Uber & Lyft drivers are often not using the app for fear of infection. The active drivers are more selective and cautious of where and when they pick up passengers.

Many rideshare drivers are migrating to food delivery in order to make ends meet with good reason. Instacart is adding 300,000 shopper/delivery jobs as fast as possible across the US & Canada.

With restaurants only offering takeout service, the most successful food delivery drivers are logging into multiple apps to maximize earnings. A typical day might look like this.

6 AM – Line up for Amazon Flex block. Load and delivery before noon.

11:30 AM – 2 PM – Utilize the best food delivery app for your territory with the best tips

2 – 4 PM – Breaktime or Shop and Drop Pantry & Grocery Orders

4 PM – 7 PM – Food, Alcohol, Cannabis (Territory Specific)

Repeat 4 days per week. Let me know if you have a similar schedule and how you like it.

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Here are the Top 2020 Food Delivery Apps including alcohol and cannabis. Check for availability in your area. Not only are food and pantry deliveries increasing at an exponential rate, but the apps are also increasing and changing with current healthcare concerns. Start with one company in your area and expand as needed to improve your financial recovery.

Let me know if your favorite is missing, apologies.

Restaurant & Meals

Uber Eats





Pantry & Grocery



Parcels for Independent Contractors

Amazon Flex

Point Pickup

Alcohol & Cannabis




Go Puff

While you are here, these may give you additional helpful information.

Uber Eats Waives Fees to Help Independent Restaurants

Uber is helping with the costs of food delivery by waiving fees to restaurants and offering free delivery to healthcare workers and other frontline warriors.

Uber Stock Drop

The stock market has taken a beating. Uber stock has a half-price special. Uber has advised it has the cash to withstand a prolonged coronavirus impact. Opportunities in the stock market are expected to be widespread.

Revenue dip is expected for Uber & Lyft up to 30% if not more. It seems all the previous means to measure economic stability are also being forced into a paradigm shift at an accelerated rate.

Message on Twitter with what your thoughts are.

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