Weekly Outtakes Nov 29

Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers

Hi All! Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers.

What I’m reading that will impact Uber-model delivery drivers

An investigation by Illinois researchers of 50 million delivery transaction in China suggest reducing top earner incomes to redistribute to less motivated workers as a method to increase overall performance. The researchers begin to describe the amount earned by the top 1%, 3%, and 5% producers as an “overpayment” and “extra earnings”. When reallocated to lower producers, the entire production increases.

Q: Do you consider your hard work to improve your earnings part of the common pool for equal redistribution? Leave a message.

Top Tech Tips for Delivery Driver Startup Businesses

Delivery driver services are starting up businesses to meet increasing demands for last-mile home delivery. The top tips for startup tech requirements give an advantage over the competition.

Liabilities of Delivery Drivers

Accident liability for delivery vehicles can have several causes besides the driver. Manufactures of the vehicle and maintenance providers may also be investigated for liability. Keeping proper records are vital to a driver’s protection.

Allowing service to decline during peak holiday scramble for volume

No doubt the holidays bring out the best and the not so best behavior when it comes to getting the job done on time. Last-mile delivery drivers face enormous increases in package delivery, and therefore stress. Letting the service decline with larger volumes leads to some creative methods. Drivers under pressure to complete their deliveries are advising customers by text message that they tried to delivery but were unable. Sounds fair, except that package was expected for a special occasion. Bottom line, more drivers means fewer disappointments.

Canadian government looks at delivery driver description

Crowdsourcing gigs are coming under more scrutiny by governments and side-hustle drivers. Definitions and responsibilities are currently unclear and facing long-term legal processes. Keeping current on the rights of drivers and how they are taxed will be important for years. The Canadian Government has criteria for delivery drivers. Knowing what to expect reduces costs. Stay up-to-date @rapidgodriver

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