Amazon Flex Advantages – Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers Feb 14

Amazon Flex Advantages delivery drivers who add tech to compete. Blocks of parcel delivery times become available to Flex drivers with only seconds to accept. The use of bots increases the shift block acceptance rate and therefore earnings. Some are more acceptable by Amazon than others.

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Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers. In case you missed last week, find it HERE.

Uber & Postmates Take a Hit in AB5 Challenge

Uber and Postmates heard from U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee their delay request to implement employee status to drivers under the California AB5 Bill would not stop enforcement of the legislation, while acknowledging the companies’ claim that it poses “irreparable harm” for them.

Amazon Delivery Service Partner (DSP)

Amazon Delivery Service Partner positions extend business opportunities to Veterans, Amazon employees, and qualified applicants. Information sessions about the program help entrepreneurs understand the requirements and support offered by Amazon.

DoorDash Woes

DoorDash drivers reach an agreement with American Arbitration Association and U.S. District Judge William Alsup enforces the compelled $9.5M payment to over 5000 disputes. DoorDash has been working with the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution (CPR) to limit the number of disputes per claim and extend the process for resolution.

Uber, Lyft & Postmates Watching New York Gig Law Changes

New York lawmakers with Gov. Andrew Cuomo are asking for input from the app companies to help develop more acceptable regulations in hopes of avoiding a long court process. States are attempting to find a solution to satisfy both drivers and the companies that provide the conduit to riders and groceries.

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