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Cannabis Delivery Drivers – Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers

Cannabis Delivery Drivers add to ways to expand their options and expand their income. As cannabis gains recreational volume consumption, having it delivered is rapidly becoming lucrative for delivery drivers. If there is something to be picked up and delivered, there will be an app for it.

The means to separate the app from the driver and material has some creative legal workarounds by startup Pelican Delivers. Their payout is after every delivery, giving flexibility and cash flow.

Uber Spreads in Dallas

Uber Works is expanding its temporary staffing service with the help of TrueBlue for the beginnings of a major hiring expansion in its Dallas location. The second-largest Uber facility outside San Francisco is expected to grow to 3,000 positions by 2023.

TaDa Mugs to Volunteer Drivers

Thanks to thousands of selfless volunteer drivers, those requiring transportation to medical appointments have less to worry about. For most, it is peace of mind knowing they will make their dialysis or therapy appointment. Many delivery drivers also volunteer their time to help.

Recently, Rapidgo Driver recognized the volunteer drivers from the Davies Project in Lansing, MI with Heartfelt TaDa mugs provided from donations to the Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc. Their boisterous celebration with TaDa shares joy.

Davies Project volunteer, medical appointment drivers celebrate a moment with TaDa Mugs from Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc

Transportation Revolution

With the cost of electric cars falling below the cost of combustion cars by 2023, solar power on all the interstates, surging driverless cars at 120 miles per hour, safely, without the weight of batteries, are being hailed as the future for transportation at a recent symposium in Houston, TX. Would you ride with no driver or steering wheel at high speed?

From Employee to Independent Contractor, Poof!

Waitr delivery drivers across the nation received notice they are now independent contractors. What was once a paying job turned into being able to have work if you don’t want employee benefits. More on pantry food delivery from Blogs HERE. Need a car phone holder that works, check this one. (I may receive commissions, but I think it is good!)

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