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What is Uber Comfort?

What is Uber Comfort? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Uber Comfort is the top-of-the-line Uber rideshare option. The people riding with Uber Comfort are going to be paying more to the company and to you as a driver for services. This driving opportunity is one of the best driving jobs in the business, and if you can get into the program, we highly recommend it. 

There is a multitude of special requirements that you will have to fulfill to get into the program, but we will talk more about that later on. Uber Comfort offers some cool features for riders which will help you get five stars easily. The app will ask the rider whether they want to chat, and what the ideal temperature of the car should be.

These features help make it a more comfortable ride for the passenger and give the driver every opportunity to get five stars for the work if they do it correctly. 

What are the Uber Comfort Driver Requirements?

If the whole point of Uber Comfort is to provide the rider with an A+ experience then Uber needs A+ drivers on the job. There are a few requirements that you will need to become an Uber Comfort driver. 

The first major requirement is at least 250 previous rides. The reason for this standard is because Uber wants to experience and quality in their comfort drivers. There are probably quality drivers who haven’t done 250 rides, but this expectation helps narrow out poor experiences.

Next, you will need to have a 4.85 average. This shouldn’t be too difficult for you to maintain. It’s also taken from your previous 250 rides. So if you had a rough start, in the beginning, there is nothing to worry about.

The last rule is that you work in a city that offers Uber Comfort. This is tough because you probably don’t plan on picking up your entire life and moving to a city that offers the service. But, if you live in a bigger city it might be worth looking into. Here is a comprehensive list of all the places Uber Comfort is offered. 

What are the Car Requirements?

The car that you own will need to be newer and a mid-size model. Extra legroom is the reason that a larger car is necessary. Again, Uber Comfort is all about the rider’s experience being the best possible ride Uber can offer.

Your car will need to be a newer one as well. Here are a few of the cars that are on the list:

  • Cadillac Escalade (2014 or newer)
  • Chevy Tahoe (2014 or newer)
  • Dodge Durango (2016 or newer)
  • Ford F-150 (2016 or newer)
  • Honda Odyssey (2017 or newer)
  • Kia Soul (2017 or newer)
  • Lexus ES (2014 or newer)
  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2014 or newer)
  • Toyota Camry (2016 or newer)
  • Volkswagen Atlas (2014 or newer)

This isn’t an outstanding list either. There are other cars on the official list that work as well. To see the official list, check here!

How Much Can I Make From Uber Comfort?

The benefit of Uber Comfort for drivers is two-fold. First off, you can make up to 40% more than your average Uber X while most drivers reported making around 20% more. It also helps you get 5-Star reviews easily. When you know exactly what your rider wants, it isn’t difficult to give them exactly what they want.

If you meet all of the requirements and your city is on the list, this special Uber service could be a groundbreaking opportunity for you as a rideshare driver to make more money from your work. Check out other posts on Rapidgo to give you the leg up on other Uber drivers!

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