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Affordable Car Gadgets for Drivers

Affordable car gadgets will change your life. If you don’t think driving is dangerous, well, think again. Last year, around 40,000 people died in car accidents. Driving is dangerous, and as a delivery driver, you have more precious cargo than most. Thankfully, there are many affordable car gadgets you can buy to make your driving safer for you, your passengers and those around you.

Portable Car Battery

Breaking down on the side of the road is always embarrassing, especially with someone in your backseat. Sometimes you feel comfortable flagging down someone to help or calling someone to tow you, or maybe you break down in a bad area. Instead of waiting around for help, you could keep a portable car battery in your trunk. This affordable car gadget allows you to jump-start your car anywhere necessary and all on your own. 

Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool

Everyone gets a sinking feeling when they see that check engine light blink on their dashboard. Anything could be wrong, or it could just be a faulty wire that turned on the light. Either way, that costs a pretty penny at the car shop. But with a check engine light diagnostic tool, you don’t have to worry about paying the extra dollar. The diagnostic tool helps to keep car maintenance costs down as well as keep you knowledgeable about your car’s needs. 

Backup Camera Dashcam

Although many newer cars are built with backup cameras, some cars don’t have that feature. With a TOGUARD backup camera set, you’re able to attach cameras to the front and back of your car. The cameras wire around the car and into your rearview mirror and the feeds appear. You can see your surroundings by simply looking at your rearview mirror. No more close calls when picking up your client or groceries.

UV Ray Window Shades

These affordable car gadgets protect your passenger from harmful UV rays and also keeps the backseat cooler. Some shades have a white-hot indicator, which turns white whenever the car is too hot. With or without the white-hot indicator, the shades will keep your backseat and seatbelts cool. Your passengers will love climbing in and not burning their legs or hands. Check them out right here!

Phone Holder

Even though you’re definitely not using your phone while driving, this small gadget will put your phone closer to eye level. Many phone holders either suction to the window or clip onto an air vent. Some have magnets that connect to your phone while others use clips to hold the phone in place. With a phone holder, you don’t have to take your eyes far from the road when changing songs or checking Google Maps. 

GPS Tracker 

You’ll never have to search for your car again after you install a GPS tracker. Once installed and connected to your phone, the tracker will send GPS coordinates to your corresponding phone app. Whether you’re at home or at the store, you’ll always know where your car is. Don’t have to use that car alarm anymore to find your car in the Walmart parking lot after you pick up your delivery.

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