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FedEx Ground Resumes – Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers Jan 17

FedEx Ground Resumes

FedEx Ground Resumes for third-party suppliers for Prime shipments. This will help other last-mile carriers related to FedEx see increased package traffic. Nearly half of Third-Party Prime shipments are not delivered by Amazon. Prime customers will now see improved delivery times.  

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Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers.

Uber New Rules in California

The impact of the new regulations in California that took effect on January 1st represents significant changes to the Uber technology platform. For the first time, drivers may now see the destination and their earnings in advance. Watch for a key change that allows 5-Star drivers to develop their own business of 5-Star passengers. Over time a driver may schedule their entire day in advance. The current changes to the driver app are restricted to California until further evaluation by Uber.

Goldman-Sachs sells remaining Uber stock

The sale of initial Uber stock began six months after launch to the public. Goldman-Sachs sold all its IPO purchases. Although Uber struggles to find their perfect business model, growth in the technology platform for rideshare continues to expand globally.

Uber Guide to Money in 2020

Rapidgo Driver takes a fresh look at the rideshare side gig for 2020. Where does the money earned from delivering passengers get spent before living expenses receive any help? What is the best car to use? What is the best gas credit card to use for ridesharing? What apps save the most time and money? Stay current with weekly outtakes on topics that impact delivery drivers and share with other drivers.

Driver Experience Improves Delivery Times

Having your food delivered as quickly as possible is to be expected. Having it arrive later than expected is the number one complaint of customers. A recent study comparing experienced delivery drivers to GPS directed drivers revealed that the experienced driver had the best times for delivery. What other advantages do you think a driver adds to the delivery process?

Here’s hoping you find these topics valuable and worth your time. Each week we keep our finger on the pulse of what impacts delivery drivers and keep you alert to the latest tips to increase earnings. Please give us a like on FB and follow on IG & Twitter. Your comments matter. Let us know what interests you.

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