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Rapidgo Driver App – What’s the Difference?

Rapidgo Driver App – What’s the difference, drivers want to know. Right now, in these uncertain and very unpredictable times, everyone is in search of a delivery and rideshare system that is safe, reliable, and efficient. One that provides both dependable and affordable services to consumers, while enabling drivers to earn a fair income as independent business owners. Both consumers and drivers want to be reassured of their safety and freedom. Now, imagine a mobile phone framework that provides all of that with a three-prong revenue generating platform.

The Rapidgo Driver platform provides the first minimal regulation conduit between drivers, customers, and business owners. This unique breakthrough platform, drivers are independent business owners using the Rapidgo Driver app platform to communicate directly with customers and receive their payments through their own database.

The uniqueness of the Rapidgo Driver app involves the seamless combination of safe, affordable delivery and rideshare services to consumers, while providing independent drivers, with little investment, the opportunity to earn unlimited income and financial freedom.

The Rapidgo Driver app has been tested in the international, real world marketplace and drivers say the unique platform includes all the critical elements to allow customer, business owner, and driver to seamlessly cooperate, yet independently operate.

Customers say the app interface offering direct communication with the business owner and driver not only provides greater security at affordable pricing, it also uniquely allows them to select drivers for repeat services for peace of mind. Customers want to see a familiar trusted person with their packages for themselves and their loved ones. Both customers and drivers love the proof of delivery feature that completes each customer request with notification and photo proof.

Rapidgo Driver App – What’s the Difference? Drivers say they love the simplicity and minimal subscription investment required while simultaneously granting high earnings and independence. They welcome the benefits of choosing their own customers, scheduling their available work times, and especially the option for immediate payment.

In addition to coordinating and tracking the driver delivery, the Administration benefits favored by independent business owners is the ability to export order and payment details directly into accounting software, thus condensing, and speeding financial reporting. Included in the Administration console along with the unique in-app feature for direct driver payment, is the additional capacity to track driver and customer ratings and offer in-app advertising.

Rapidgo Driver is making the world move more affordably, efficiently, and fairly, by giving independence and security to customers, drivers, and global entrepreneurs. Learn more by visiting our website at or email

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