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Start Your Delivery Business Now takes a look at how Uber and Lyft are expanding further into food, grocery, and parcel delivery. Shipt and Skip the Dishes are delivering anything possible to homes. The platform apps are recruiting by the thousands. Amazon is adding warehouse and delivery positions as fast as possible. The result is a shortage of reliable, experienced drivers who are trained in contactless delivery.

With the dramatic changes throughout global economies, entrepreneurs are applying their skills to other endeavors to keep money coming in. Many are turning to food preparation and delivery. Local businesses are turning to local delivery options for amenities and to assist nonprofit outreach programs. As the impacts of the pandemic unfold, the opportunities for independent contractors at a local level from franchise take-out like KFC, may not only provide much needed economic solutions, in addition, they may provide a level of local community comradery.

5 Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers May 11

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention just this week that impact delivery drivers.

My time recently, like most folks, has been spent trying to respond rather than react to the current pandemic events. Without a doubt, things have, and will continue to change, and change rapidly.

Most importantly, my focus has been on the safety and continued financial support for all the drivers directly impacted by Rapidgo and affiliates. Thank you for your continued support and service. Together, we are pulling through this catastrophic event intact and in many ways improved.

My commitment to aid delivery drivers continues to focus on the future. Using experience from today’s real world and decades of delivery driving, along with input from thousands of other delivery drivers and owner-operators, Rapidgo Driver is here to help you move forward as safely and quickly as possible?

Economic megatrends are unfolding and along with Health, and Security, the area of Services and Service Technology is in the top three areas expected to provide the greatest opportunities for financial gain because of rapid change. Delivery service has fumbled in one area, rideshare, and excelled in others; parcel, meal, and grocery delivery. The result may be a bonanza for unemployed, and underemployed entrepreneurs diligently looking for more control of their finances and future.

To help meet the need for a single driver to start and develop their own delivery business, quickly, for low cost, Rapidgo Driver is launching the first of many Rapidgo Driver apps, Parcel Delivery Service Mobile App.  Imagine the freedom of developing your own business with an app that allows you to choose your profits and time commitment. Watch for more launch details shortly.

Delivery Driver Profit Tips May 2020

The top two things on every delivery driver’s mind are earnings and safety. Drivers have learned by trial and error over the last couple of months where the money is to be made and how to minimize infecting themselves, their families, and their clients. The process is evolving. The successful drivers are embracing change and adapting accordingly. 

Procedural changes for most home deliveries now require no signatures and no physical contact. One result is the reduced opportunity for cash tips for the home delivery driver. No one doubts changes like no-contact delivery are here to stay. Look to apps to rate the overall delivery experience as well as rating the driver and suggesting tip amounts for more than just meals and groceries.

National delivery apps, which roll out changes to parry economic hardships and take advantage of fluctuating service needs are discounting fees to the restaurants to attract meal delivery businesses. Subsequently, the app algorithm offsets the loss by lowering fees paid to drivers. Delivery drivers are advised to     analyze earnings daily and focus on the apps that pay the most.

Changes for the rideshare driver, stripped of income by the collapse of travel and work-transit riders, is causing them to flock to food delivery apps for any chance of profits. Drivers who normally delivery pax are unfamiliar with delivery procedures for meals, resulting in a learning period to replace earnings.

Jockeying for-profits themselves, Uber and Lyft are both heavily soliciting other industries for food and parcel delivery to adjust to the paradigm shift taking place as the result of pandemic conditions. Innovation Users on Uber Connect may make a purchase of food or merchandise for delivery to a family or friend in participating cities from local vendors.

Restaurants Restrictions on Delivery Drivers

Restaurant owners are being warned to avoid using employees to deliver meals due to possible liability exposure for accidents as well as paid time off for illness. Restaurant management advisers offer best practices for food delivery with tips to owners for minimizing liability exposure while following safety CDC and local guidelines.

Electronic Bill of Lading Safety

Contactless shipping is becoming standard for tractor-trailer transportation drivers. Company apps replace signatures and photographs are being sent to dispatch as proof-of-delivery (POD). The technology that Amazon uses to confirm parcel delivery has become acceptable in an industry that has had strict rules on the written signature and what it authorizes. Look forward to fine print being expanded in Terms & Conditions for large parts of the transportation industry.

Uber Freight Opens Load Bidding Feature

Quotes and bidding have been part of transportation since the start of time. Uber Freight has taken the step to allow in certain markets the opportunity for independent freight drivers to either accept the load offer at the offered price or respond with a lower price to secure the load. As this is being built into the Uber Freight app, expect the bidding to cross other platforms.

In addition to Delivery Driver COVID-19 Response Plan, find more on delivery driver options HERE.

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