Imagine Uber, minus Uber

Imagine Uber, minus Uber. The Uber Model of rideshare has failed drivers, riders, and stakeholders. It is in the throes of collapse. The model derives its profit from exploiting an imaginary gap between riders needing a lift and the drivers providing the service. The benefit the Uber Model professes to offer is a reliable app interface between riders and drivers.

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The monetization stems from maximizing charges to riders while minimizing payments to drivers. The greater gap Uber can create, the more profits for their shareholders. What has become increasingly apparent is the collapse of the gap, caused by government regulation attacks on the Uber Model, price ceiling resistance from riders, pandemic safety and security impacts on rideshare and last-mile delivery, and market turmoil as all third-party platforms scrabble for any earnings possible.   

The Uber Model is desperate. We are seeing the gasps of a man-behind-the-curtain phantom, vehemently trying to keep from being exposed while jingling shiny objects to distract.

If we look solely at the technological advances that have spawned the rise in rideshare and delivery driver platforms, they mimic the internet development and the abundant use of apps to replace human interface. What previously required typists taking hours a day to merely keep track of parcel locations and the vehicle transporting the goods, now takes a shipper completing details on a hand-device that removes most human interface between pickup to delivery.

Historically, the complexities of transporting items from one location to another have faded from view to be replaced by data entry fields notifying logistic interface modules to place an item in human hands again, thousands of miles away at the designated time.

What began as take this item over there and give it to that person became insatiably large and complex. Only now, that process can be handled by the speed of thought on a handheld device available to every person worldwide.

Enter the delivery driver app that can be used to administrate delivery of just about anything needed, from delivery as soon as possible to a requested time the same day. The global requirement now is the expeditious delivery of people and things.

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Now, imagine a mobile phone framework that provides all of that with a triple revenue generating platform. Simply imagine Uber, minus Uber.

The Rapidgo Driver platform provides a unique minimal regulation conduit because drivers are independent business owners using the Rapidgo Driver app to communicate directly with customers and receive payment through their own end-to-end encrypted database.

Rapidgo Driver’s proprietary app utilizes the seamless combination of safe, affordable delivery and rideshare services to consumers, while providing independent drivers, with little investment, the opportunity to earn unlimited income and financial freedom.

Customers may now designate their delivery requirements on an ongoing basis to trusted, local drivers. Drivers have the unique opportunity to service favorite customers consistently, being paid directly, including all gratuities.

When you are ready to learn more, watch the Rapidgo Driver Parcel Admin Guide to view the features of the Professional subscription.

Rapidgo Driver Parcel Admin Guide

Rapidgo Driver is making the world move more affordably, efficiently, and fairly, by giving independence and security to customers, drivers, and global entrepreneurs. Learn more by visiting our website at rapidgodriver.com or email rapidgodriver@gmail.com.

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