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Introducing Rapidgo Driver, the Delivery Driver Network and Resource Hub

Welcome to Rapidgo Driver, the network designed to help you excel in the delivery driving industry. Whether you are new to delivery driving, thinking about getting started, or are a seasoned driving expert, Rapidgo Driver has a little something for everyone. 

This platform is here to help you create success in your delivery driver jobs, ensure your safety, and optimize your business. With the help of our comprehensive training courses, our network of experienced drivers, our delivery driver information, and our abundant driving resources, Rapidgo Driver fosters an unprecedented system for the growing delivery driver community. 

Without a home base for resources, networking, and support, the driving industry has been inhibited in the organization individuals needed to meet the volume of qualified drivers that the industry requires. Rapidgo Driver puts the control back into the drivers who support this field and provides them with an outlet for networking, finding positions, teaching, learning, and thriving in this rapidly-growing field. 

How to Get a Delivery Driving Job | Get Prequalified

Whether you are looking for a full-time gig or a little extra money on the side, delivery driving is quickly becoming a significant source of revenue for millions of drivers nationwide. However, getting started in this field can feel a bit intimidating. So how can you get the driving job you are searching for? 

Rapidgo Driver can get you prequalified for delivery driving jobs and connects you with the companies who need drivers. Delivery driving jobs include everything from ride services like Uber and Lyft to Amazon delivery driving. Promoting safety and keeping you connected, Rapidgo Driver offers the knowledge you need to get the delivery driver jobs that you are searching for. 

Staying Safe While Driving: How Rapidgo Driver Helps

You might be wondering what you need to do to stay safe while on the road. Rapidgo Driver offers a multifaceted safety course, Safe Travel 101, that teaches you everything you need to know about safety in the driving industry.

This comprehensive safety course addresses the often-uncertain topic of compliance, personal safety while driving, vehicle safety and maintenance, safely handling delivery materials, and so much more. By completing this course, you can become pre-qualified as a safe and professional delivery driver. 

Finding the Drivers You Need

Rapidgo Driver is here with the experienced, informed, and prequalified delivery drivers that you are searching for. With a network of drivers finally organized into one place, we are here to connect you with the local drivers you need to support your growing business. Prioritizing safety, Rapidgo Driver operates by providing delivery drivers with the information, skills, and resources that they need to safely and professionally handle any situation that they might encounter. Contact our experts to get connected with our network of drivers today!

Getting Connected with Other Drivers

Whether you are in need of insight or you are a seasoned driving expert with stories and tips you would like heard, Rapidgo Driver offers an outlet for a community to share and receive delivery driving advice. This network can connect you with other drivers nationwide, which provides invaluable support and connection. Join the community today with the Rapidgo Driver network.

Job Opportunities for Veterans

Rapidgo Driver recognizes the need for accessible employment opportunities for our valued veterans. This training platform is geared to help these individuals who may be seeking a second career or extra income on the side.  With the opportunity and support that Rapidgo Driver provides these valued individuals, delivery driving is now a viable option for veterans seeking work. 

Supporting the Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc.

Beyond connecting drivers, helping them acquire work, and informing their safety practices, our efforts are also working to provide help to the Mary Boleyn Hospice Foundation Inc. This organization funds Hospice stays for individuals in their critical stages of Cystic Fibrosis. A portion of all Rapidgo Driver profits is redirected to support this essential cause.

How to Get Started

We would like to invite you to join our delivery driving community! You can get started by taking our free quiz to see which kind of delivery driving is right for you. Contact our experts with any questions you may have, or you can sign up here to become a Rapidgo Driver today!

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