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Weekly Outtakes that Impact Delivery Drivers – Dec 13

Hi All!

Here is your Weekly Outtakes, a list of what got my attention this week that impact delivery drivers.

Shoutout to our US Vets – Postage stamp supporting PTSD

PTSD Stamp for Weekly Outtakes
PTSD Stamp for Weekly Outtakes

Weekly Outtakes gives a shoutout to Veterans who are great delivery drivers and dispatchers. Rapidgo Driver advocates for Veterans in both the USA and Canada. This rare donation stamp supports the efforts to understand and treat PTSD for Veterans, First Responders, Healthcare providers, and others. 

Uber Under Pressure

What has been called the Uber rideshare model is being forced to morph under pressure from drivers, cities, and states. The lower passenger cost from rideshare was initially established by using independent contracted drivers. Without employee status, the unregulated field expanded rapidly. Cities, states, and drivers began asking for further financial compensation which is now raising the price to the passenger. Do you feel you are better as an independent or an employee? Just leave either in the comments & thanks.

Specialty Rideshare – By & For Women

Rideshare is expanding to service unique community needs. Ohio State University has a pilot program for Lyft drivers during specific hours and areas. Students have a flat, subsidized rate.

Some rideshare apps are specializing in women and children passengers and have drivers vetted with fingerprint record check. Would you feel safer with a female or male driver, even if fingerprinted? Leave a comment.

Tipping – Weekly Outtakes looks at how to increase your income by asking

Tipping is not automatic for many passengers. They are not coaxed to tip until they rate their ride.

A subtle and effective manner to bring out the best in both driver and passenger is to simply state at the beginning of the ride the following. “If you wouldn’t mind giving me an honest rating at the end of the ride, I’d appreciate it and any feedback as well.” The passenger will feel more comfortable and be more favorable with the tip. If you have any other suggestions to remind passengers to tip, please comment.

Dark Kitchens

Uber rideshare will encourage you to add Uber Eats to your income potential from driving. In addition to app platforms for food delivery, dark kitchens are rising in popularity for quality homemade meals and catering.

As an independent contractor, you can expand your delivery capabilities to include additional food delivery customers. A little searching may find a local dark kitchen who may keep you busy as many hours as you desire. Have you been delivering for any dark kitchens? Good experience or bad?

Here’s hoping you find these Weekly Outtakes topics valuable and worth your time. Each week we keep our finger on the pulse of what impacts delivery drivers and keep you alert to the latest tips to increase earnings. Please give us a like on FB and follow on IG & Twitter.

We’re looking to test out useful resources that impact delivery drivers. Can you send me some feedback about what you think about this email or suggest topics of interest to you? Thanks!

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