Uber Tips for 5-Star

Uber Tips for 5-Star

For tips to earn Uber 5-Star, we combed thousands of rideshare social media pages, comments, websites, email subscriptions, and news articles, for ideas to condense into what matters the most today for delivery drivers.  We are constantly asking what reduces expenses and increases earnings for drivers delivering Passengers, Pantry & Food, Parcels, and Pickups.

For this article, Rapidgo Driver Delivery Driver Business Guide compiled responses across social media communities from rideshare drivers rating 4.97 or higher after tens of thousands of rides.

Nothing can replace the experience of developing your own rideshare business. However, there are valuable lessons to be learned from pioneers that can translate into fewer costly mistakes for you.

We recently asked what efforts give the biggest payback for rideshare drivers that cost nothing to use? Here are the 6 Top-Rated recommendations.

  1. Obey Rules & Laws

There is a high risk if you give rides to children, improperly transport animals, or allow too many passengers. Your code may be blocked by Uber or Lyft without notice or recourse. Disobeying traffic laws increases the risk to license suspension as well as lowering tips and ratings.

Passengers count on drivers to keep them safe, deliver them to their destination and give personal assistance as needed. Helping with groceries or luggage, and watching for the safety of the passenger after they leave the vehicle vastly improves ratings and tips.

  • Focus on the Basics

Passengers want to feel safe with a courteous, respectful driver in an immaculately clean vehicle. Having water, chargers, snacks, and signs add little to profits.

  • Avoid Tipping Incentives

Passengers tip for service. Asking for tips or exhibiting a tip jar is unattractive. Offering courteous, respectful service encourages gratuity.

  • Ignore Other Driver Distractions

Ignore listening to other negative rideshare drivers. Build your own rideshare business. Learn what works for you, in your market, with your time and vehicle, and your goals. Seasoned rideshare drivers recommend keeping the focus on your daily gig earnings and expenses to achieve success faster.

  • Drive Talk

Conversations with passengers are interesting and encourage higher tipping, especially when they are talking, and you are listening. Respect for passenger’s space and time are key reasons for higher tips, according to long-term Uber & Lyft drivers.

Putting it all Together – Ambitions of a Startup Uber Driver

In a recent interview with a Five Star Uber driver in Washington, DC, I was told this story. Thank you, Floreal (not his real name)

Floreal immigrated to the US fourteen years ago. He began earning income with what he knew, driving. He started with a job of medical appointment shuttle driver, arriving at work before his children even awoke and returning after they were in bed, six days a week. He loved his job; however, he was unavailable for his growing kids who needed their father.

Floreal wanted more flexibility to increase earnings while still using the skills he had acquired delivering patients to dialysis. He was grateful to discover Uber Eats which offered more flexibility. The income, however, was insufficient for his family.

He then added UberX and began delivering passengers to their destinations, and it was there he saw his future. If he could become a Black Car Uber driver, he would earn the income he desired; and could work the hours he greatly wanted.

With the goal, he wanted to achieve and a means to achieve it, Floreal became focused on what he needed to do every day to reach his goal.

He needed to start by earning a nearly perfect five-star average rating over hundreds of rides. He could then buy a car acceptable by Uber Black, insure it as commercial, keep it immaculately clean and offer white-glove service as needed.

Floreal is closing on reaching his goal by driving twelve-hour days, 9 am-9 pm, five days a week. He spends time with his kids before starting to work, has every weekend off, and avoids the late-night riders.

This is his plan and he excited about what he sees as his future. In a different city, for a different person, there will be another plan that works for an ambitious person who wants to earn a living with flexible work hours and have the capability to increase their income as they choose.

Article Outtakes

Successful rideshare drivers share six top recommendations that cost nothing, yet, greatly impact obtaining a 5-Star Uber or Lyft rating. Obey Rules & Laws, Provide Service, Focus on the Basics, Avoid Tipping Incentives, Ignore Other Driver Distractions, Drive Talk.

Most importantly, if you have a strong desire for what you want to achieve as a delivery driver, you will have the best chance of acquiring your goals faster, with less hassle, and for less cost.

For more tips to earn more check out the Resources page. Do you want to celebrate the moment with a TaDa? Donate to receive a set of TaDa mugs.

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