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Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers – The Complete Guide to 2022

Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers – the complete guide to 2022 asks, do you think your life could be better than it is? Ask yourself, am I maximizing my potential, my goal solution power, in all areas of my life? Independent business owners are always asking how can I improve where I am? Is my life in balance?

If you want to take a meaningful step toward your most important goals and set yourself up to make 2022 your best year, now’s the time to act! As an independent business owner planning ahead is crucial. Hit the ground running in January with your goals and strategy to achieve them written down, and just waiting for your execution.

Start with the basics. A balanced life improves success. Where are you on the wheel-of-life scales? Like a wheel on the road, an imbalance in life’s critical areas of achievement and potential makes for a bumpy ride.

Wheel of Life Graph showing areas of achievement and 1-10 scale for each

Why Don’t People set Goals?

  • They don’t know the importance – Every successful person has multiple goals. Goals give direction and purpose.
  • Goal setting requires education and repeated practice, They don’t know how.
  • To avoid ridicule, keep your goals private except from those who are commited to helping you achieve yours.
  • Failure is part of success, Rather than fear failure, just fail forward with better knowledge and renewed purpose.
  • They have not focused on their own exceptional talents – Goals are stepping stones to your major purpose in life. Determine your definite purpose and exceptional talents to reap the greatest rewards.

Importance of Goals

Without goals, you are destined to work for those who have goals. It is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your future. People only fear change that leaves them worse off than before. Having clear, written goals allows you to control the direction of change.

Steps to Goal setting for delivery drivers

12 Steps to Goal Achieving

Years ago, I learned from Brian Tracy these absolutely essential steps to achieving my goals. Goal setting is the master skill of success that can only be learned and improved with practice and repetition. All professional drivers have the destination clearly defined in advance. That goes for all personal goals.

Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers – Identify your destination

  •  1 – Desire – Burning – Personal – Major Definite Purpose – Have a burning personal desire for the independent business results you picture.
  •  2 – Believable/Convictions/Faith In/Fascinates You/Achievable – Make your goal believable and achievable for you. Ex. How much do you want to earn each week, month, and year.
  •  3 – Write it down – Commitment/Clear/Specific/Vivid – Commit your goals to paper and look at them on your screen shot. Make it clear, vivd, and specific to your driving goals. Ex. I earn $1000 every week delivering for my own customers, on my own app, and earning all the pay including tips.
  •  4 – Why do you want it? Intensifies the goal – Here are your reasons why you desire your goals. The more reasons you have to accomplish your goals, the better you will prevail through setbacks and hurdles. Be specific on your reasons to succeed. Ex. I want to take the kids to Disney World and see the wonderment of surprise and excitement in their young eyes.

Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers – Map out your route

  • 5 – Analyze your position – As the good delivery driver you are, you start off by identifying where you are and where your next pick-up is located. Ex.My goal is to now earn $600 per week. I am available to driver twenty-five hours per week. I need to increase my income per hour or increase the hours I am available to drive.
  • 6 – Set a deadline/Schedule a reward – Set a deadline for completion of the goal, otherwise it’s just a wish. Thirty, sixty, and ninety-day goals are required to reach your ultimate goal. Ex. By 30 days from now, your goal is, I now earn $700 each week on a regular basic. I am rewarding myself with heavier work shoes.
  •  7 – Identify the obstacles/List all/Set priorities/Find the rock– to instruct vs obstruct – What is the one big rock that is blocking your progress. Is it financial, customers, or current time commitments? List all of the reasons why you have not done it so far. Determine the biggest obstacle and swarm all over it until it is overcome.
  •  8 – Determine the required knowledge/Original learning or from others/Set priorities/ASK – Your present knowledge has only gotten you this far. To advance and overcome obstacles, which come to instruct, not obstruct, new information will be required. Determine what it is you need to learn or access, and commit to obtaining it with a deadline. Ask the right people and they will tell you how to reach your goals. Conquer the largest problem first.
  •  9 – Specify the people, groups, organizations that are essential to your independent business success – everybody makes their living by satisfying someone else. The law of sowing and reaping dictates that if you help enough other people get where they are going, you will automatically get to where you want to go. When it comes to making deliveries, always go the extra mile. Your customer is always right. Even when you disagree, your customer is always right.

Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers – Start moving & improving

  • 10 – Make a plan/list of activities/priorities – Make a list of activities with priorities for each goal. What is the most important use of your time each day. Determine your most important thing, MIT. Do nothing else until that is complete. Then move to the next MIT for the day. Ex. How many customer contacts are necessary for you to reach your goal? Make it a habit to connect with ten prospects each day. Write them down with contact information. Give them something of value. Stay connected.
  • 11 – Visualization/clear mental picture/image it done/reality – Imagine your goal as complete in advance. Picture yourself with the reward you promised yourself.
  • 12 – Back with determination and persistence/hang in longer than anyone else/never give up – If it’s to be, it’s up to you. Your past is simply part of where you are going. If anybody can do this, you can.

Goals for Life

Goal Setting for Delivery Drivers in 2022 recommends three to five goals in three key life areas.

  • Personal and Family Goals – These are your reasons why. What do you want to be, have, or do to have the life you desire? Is it more time with your children? Is it a vaca as a reward to earning the extra income? List on paper 3-5 goals that have emotion and a deadline for achievement. Achieving these goals means tomorrow will be better than today, and your family will be looked after
  • Professional & Financial Goals – These are the reasons, what. Write down 3-5 goals to achieve over the next 90 days, broken down into weekly goals. What are your financial requirements now? What weekly income do you require to reach your Family goals? How much do you plan on earning each day to meet your goals? Write it down and read aloud several times per day. What you focus on gets done.
  • Personal Improvement Goals – These are the means to the end. What will you need to define, learn, overcome, and take action on to improve yourself? Remember, the thinking that got you this far will not be the thinking to get you further. Are there new skills required to improve your communication with customers? As often said, if you want to change your life, you will have to “change your life”.


Goal setting can be learned and stimulates the new habits required to achieve a balanced life. Your persistence toward your goal is the measure of your belief in yourself. The steps in goal setting are simple and repeatable. Delivery drivers operating as independent business owners, using the first-party platform, can and will, reach and exceed their expectations by having clear, written goals.

Goal setting is absolutely essential for delivery drivers to succeed financially in a rapidly changing world. Those who have goals are truly independent.

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