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Delivery Drivers Wearing Masks

Delivery Drivers Wearing Masks has rapidly increased. Countries like, China, Singapore, S. Korea, and Hong Kong have shown a slower spread of COVID-19 than the US. Citizens in those countries have no stigma about wearing or seeing everyone wearing a face mask. Whether wearing masks becomes a national requirement in the US & Canada or not, contract workers are advised to protect themselves and others they come in contact with.

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Here is your weekly dose of “5 Weekly Outtakes,” a list of what got my attention ending this week, Apr 2, that impact delivery drivers.

Anxiety Contagion Relief Tips

Anxiety Contagion Relief Tips provide guidance to delivery drivers during COVID-19. When the oxygen mask is deployed, put it on yourself first. In this time of massive paradigm shift, delivery drivers will need to develop a plan for their own recovery. Psychology Today gives 13 tips to stay in control of your thinking and your business. Don’t do thirteen and drive.

National Labor Union Leaders Support Amazon Workers

In a letter to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Labor leaders and workers pressured for more coronavirus protection for warehouse employees. This marks a shift in a national union’s ability to organize labor. With the current economic collapse and stay-at-home orders, independent contractor drivers may find success in banding together.

A Paradigm Shift for Independent Contractors

Things have changed. The COVID-19 virus has forever changed the planet. Changes for contract workers were already under scrutiny. Credence was added to delivery-drivers status as employees with the $2T stimulus package. By recognizing and financially assisting contract workers, the government has now established their legitimacy as employees with benefits and protection. Eventually, the government will look to somebody to repay the bailout.

Judge Delays Uber Contract Worker Decision

Uber has been compensating infected drivers who have tested positive with short-term benefits. The terms, as for many processes right now, are sketchy and morphing rapidly. At risk is the loss of state sick-leave pay during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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